Parsley can be found in great classics of French cuisine, such as parsley butter, the traditional omelette, or as a star ingredient in Lebanese tabbouleh. But did you know that it is also wonderful mixed in fresh juice?

Our parsley is fresh, pesticide-free, local, and last but definitely not least, 100% delicious.




Paris and Île-de-France


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For storage, we recommend that you keep our products at room temperature or in the bottom of your refrigerator.

Our parsley grow in a 100% clean environment. You can wash it if you wish, but it's not essential. 


Products grown in the city, in an ultra-local way, as close as possible to your home and your favorite shops.


Fruits and vegetables harvested when fully ripe to guarantee the best nutritional quality and great taste.


A sustainable production, pesticide-free, powered by renewable energy, saving 90% of water and nutrients. Added bonus: even our packaging is sustainable!

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