Nice to meet you.

We are Guillaume and Gonzague, lead cooltivators.  
We share the same passion and determination: bringing back to life the quality and taste of fruits and vegetables in cities.


We both grew up in a family farm.

Agricool was built from the intact childhood memory of authentic fruits and vegetables. We are both sons of French farmers, and so we had the chance to enjoy rich, mouth-watering food during our childhood. You can’t forget this kind of intense olfactory and tasty sensation. The perfume of a freshly harvested strawberry after a nice summer's day is unforgettable. Neither is the fruit aroma that just bursts in your mouth.


At the end of each day, I would walk through the paths until I found my favorite strawberry plant, yet to be harvested. I would search in its leaves, looking for the most hidden strawberries. The first thing that comes to mind is their perfume, woody and sugary after a sunny summer’s day. The first one would whet my appetite, and a dozen would follow… until duty called: I have to grab a basket for the family!
— Gonzague, a bit nostalgic.

After graduating from high school, we left the countryside to move in the city. At first, we looked for this quality everywhere, to no avail. When you are used to something as good, it’s hard to go back. Our palate is definitely educated to taste. It doesn’t lie, and reacts from the first mouthful to anything that is not good in 3 steps : shock, deception, rejection.

“I tried everything. Fruits and vegetables were insipids.
I thought : how can we find fruits and vegetables we were used to… in a city? It became my everyday quest!”
— Guillaume, CEO determined.

Back to basics.

We wanted to grow food in a city so we decided to get a bachelor's degree in agriculture in 2012. To get tasty, healthy, and vitamined results, we needed to solve that equation:

- Plant variety chosen for its taste only. 
- Fruit harvested when mature to get 100% of nutrients and vitamins inside. 
- Ultra-fresh food, so ultra-local produce.
- Pesticide free.


The old farmer's wisdom

As existing solutions were not capable of delivering perfect products, we decided to delete all certitudes, and think out of the box. To get good food in town, we need to farm in town. That’s the only solution. The problem is that we lack space. Our roofs and balconies aren’t sufficient to feed millions of city dwellers with fresh and local produce. After months of research, we found out the way to grow the equivalent of 4000m2 in a 30m2 recycled container.