Grow food where you live.

When humans created farming, they put it around their home. It’s common sense.  But cities became bigger and bigger, and fields were further and further away. The limit has been exceeded. We need to grow food where we live, to get the ultimate food quality. 80% of us live in cities. Let’s grow food in cities.


Technology can glorify Nature.

In the last 12 months we’ve created our own farming homes. It's a real paradise for fruits and vegetables, made to let plants grow in perfect conditions: temperature, air, light, hydratation. We even filter outside polluted air, to avoid pollution inside.


Our farming homes 
can fit everywhere.


Each one of them can fit in 2 parking spots. On this small area created from a recycled container, we produce 100 times more than conventional agriculture. All of this without pesticides, without pollution, and using 90% less water.


Strawberry VS strawberry

We first chose to focus on strawberries. There is a huge gap between the ones you buy in the countryside and the ones you find in the city. We shouldn't have to add sugar or cream on it, and we shouldn't have to rinse it! We do it because of pesticides, but vitamins and nutrients are rinsed too…So long story short, real strawberries, harvested and tasted the same day.


Soon in your neighborhood.

We hope that every neighborhood will soon be equipped with Agricool fruit and vegetable homes. Each one of us will then be able to live the experience of getting the best food everyday.